Automation Will Replace You! – How Not To Get Replaced By Machines

This may sound scary… but you are about to be replaced by robots It will happen to you someday… and will affect your next generation. Credit Video: NEXT Academy Automation or machines have been increasingly replacing us for jobs that are repetitive… And high volume in nature… There is no way a human can outperform… Read More »

Fujifilm Vs Kodak – How One Prospered In The Digital Age While The Other Went Bankrupt.

Years ago, Fujifilm and Kodak spearheaded the film photography industry. When digital cameras were first introduced… Both Multi-Billion dollar companies held their breath, unsure of what the future holds… As consumers started the transition from buying film to electronic SD cards to store photos. Everything went downhill even further when smart phones have now become the… Read More »

5 Simple Steps To Start An E-Commerce Business Online

After 10 years of setting up many successful e-commerce businesses on digital marketplaces like eBay, Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee, Carousell etc… I have condensed and formulated all the steps of launching profitable e-commerce businesses into a 5 step process. You can take a look at the above video for a quick overview of the 5 simple… Read More »

Day 3 of my E-commerce Freedom Maker Workshop

Hey, it is me, Andrew Tan. Check out my live footage from Day 3 of my E-commerce Freedom Maker Workshop in Singapore. We are helping all our participants to get started Live selling on Qoo10 now. If you want to learn how to start up your own profitable e-commerce businesses before this Christmas (read: generating massive… Read More »

The Key To Making Money With Your E-Commerce Business – Proprietary Sourcing Negotiation Technique

When it comes to making money online, the real profit does not come from selling products. The actual profit comes from BUYING PRODUCTS. So, what do I mean by this? The key to making money is not how much profit or margin you can earn from your buyers. Instead it is about buying products from your… Read More »

How To Save More Money When You Source For Products And Avoid Overstocking

Hi there, ready for today’s tip for your e-commerce business? Take the next 90 seconds to watch this video where I teach you how to save money when you source for products for your e-commerce businesses and to avoid the common problem of overstocking. If you can do this right, you can virtually eliminate the… Read More »

This Simple E-Commerce Strategy Will Easily Increase Your Online Sales By 30-50% Without Much Effort!

Hey, I am back, Andrew Tan here. I am attending the Lazada E-Commerce Conference 2016 now and I want you to learn something valuable today, so I specially took out some time to create this video message for you. After watching the video, get back to work and plan how you can execute this strategy immediately in your own… Read More »